September 16th

I woke up early again today. Ate breakfast, made coffee. Worked a bit on Wednesday’s p chem homework. Worked for two hours. Ate lunch. Milled around. Got help for my p chem homework, had a mini gossip session with my friend and tex’d up the homework for tomorrow. Class, dinner (at blue fin), homework, mini nap, inner tube water polo. We lost 24-6. More homework 9-11:30. More homework, food, sleep. Have to get up early again and tomorrow is even more overbooked than today. 

September 15

I woke up pretty early and ate breakfast and made coffee. I read for today’s p chem lecture which was a more in depth coverage of the 2nd law of thermo. I went to class. I worked on CS stuff …. Scala is hard. I had a frustrating time with the lab, mainly because the syntax is difficult. I finished it, finally. I ate somewhat of a lunch then went to class. I did some errands after class and did wednesday’s redo for p chem. I worked on some scala stuff. There was a community engagement poster session that I presented last summer’s work at. I made the acquaintance of a nice teacher who was looking for coding instructors, so that was pretty cool. Ate dinner, worked on my practicum project (after spending 20 minutes debugging my favorite installation of Eclipse). Spent 4 hours working on that, washed dishes, worked on friday’s p chem redo. Sleepy time.

September 14th

Today I woke up early to finish my monday chemistry homework. It was pretty easy because the professor did a similar derivation on the board and it was just taking mixed partial derivatives. It was really cool because I’ve never mixed multivariable calculus and chemistry before. I made some coffee and ate some breakfast. I met my group for the English class I am in for the group presentation we have to do. I then had brunch at Pitzer, which was really yummy. Then, I typesetted my homework. I did a bit of internship search and prep, including finishing my resume and schedule an appointment with my major advisor and the career services people. I called my dad about getting a monitor. Then, I took a bit of a nap. I did some more homework including reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I wrote 2 short ish posts for the forums and came up with some ideas for the essay. I took a shower, finished my sister journal entry, albeit late. I wrote this, cleaned my room, read for Monday’s p chem lecture and type-setted the problem for Wednesday. 

September 13th

I woke up around 9am today and I watched a bit of Netflix and I got ready. I ate some breakfast and made some coffee. Then I worked on the DSLs homework with Sisi. It definitely took a lot long then we anticipated/planned for. I went to dorm auctions and bought 25 cents winnie the pooh slippers and 25 cents (!!!) Julep nail polish. Got a great deal! We also went to mentor event and I got to see my mentor again. We talked with Sisi’s mentor (who works at Google) and then boxed out dinner. We finally(!!!!) finished the homework and then went on the Hash run. It was a i vs j theme run and it was a lot of fun. It was a bit long though. I took a shower, painted my nails with the new purple color. Then I finished some other CS homework. Watched a bit of Parks and Rec. Bed time by 1am. 

stupid tools

I’m trying to set up Eclipse for Android development and nothing is working. Ugh, this is so frustrating. I’m not even running into coding issues, the emulator is slow, unresponsive and I’m literally an hour into a goose chase following chains of stack overflow answers. 

This is why nobody does this. These tools are just too hard to use.